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Bruges Christmas Markets: Questions Answered
No alcohol to be consumed aboard our coaches


Q: Can I change my booking or cancel and get a refund?

A: Sorry, unfortunately not. We did make this clear at the time of booking

Q: Why is travel insurance compulsory?

A: While we may not ask to it, It's a legal requirement when travelling abroad. Always take out travel insurance at the time of booking, this way it should cover you in the event of illness making it impossible to attend etc

Q: Will there be a surcharge?

A: Hopefully not. However we done our very best to keep prices down, even though our costs have risen considerably. With our margins so low, any increase in costs no matter how small, will have to pass on. We have however capped any surcharge to a maximum of £7.00 per person.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Sorry, we don't allow pets onboard our coaches


Q: What is my departure point?

A: Your chosen departure point will be printed on your booking conformation.


Q: Can I see my departure point in more detail? 

A: Yes. You can view all departure points in detail by clicking on 'Departure Points' on the menu bar at the top of the webpage

Q: Will you wait for me if I'm late?

A: Sorry no. We have a ferry to catch.

Q: What If I can't find my departure point on the day?

A: Please research you departure point well in advance as we can't help you on the day & we cannot wait.

Q: When will I receive my coach number?

A: Normally you'll receive you coach number via text message the day before you travel This will be sent to the mobile number you gave at the time of booking.

Q: Are seats pre-allocated?

A: Yes, your coach driver will give you your allocated seats as you board. There's no need to rush, you'll be sat in the same seats if you're the first or last to board. Please sure you're sat in your allocated seats

Q: Are all coaches full?

A: Yes, all 83 seats on your double deck coach are taken.

Q: Do I ned to print off my booking confirmation?

A: It's not essential, It may be helpful if you can have it on your phone. It's also good idea to know your 5 digit booking number. When boarding your driver will just need to know the lead name. (For example 'Jones x 3') 

Coach facilities:

Q: Are there toilets aboard the coach?

A: Yes. Coach toilets only have a limited capacity and should only be used as a late resort. Please other facilities wherever possible such as on the ferry, motorway services, at the ferry port, Bruges coach park etc

Please keep the isles clear at all times!

Q: Can I eat on the coach. 

A: No, please refrain from eating anything aboard your coach. 

Dover Border Force:

Q: Do we need to show our passports at Dover port?

A: Yes. You need to have our passports in your hand. You'll need to get off the coach and go through airport style passport control, firstly at French Border Force, and again & UK Border Force. You'll also have to hand your passports to your driver to hand in at P&O Ferries Check-in. 
Since January this year, Brexit has really kicked in. Travelling through Dover can can take anywhere between 45 min to 2 hours or more.  It simply can't be predicted! This can effect our ferry crossings and arrival time in Bruges and our return journey home


Q: Do we get off the coach when we board the ferry?

A: Yes, It's the law, you must get off. Please have all your belongings ready for a quick exit. Please use the toilet facilities onboard the ship. before getting back on the coach.

Q: Can I change money on the ferry?

A: Yes, you will get a favourable rate

Q: How long is the ferry crossing?

A: Approximately 95 minutes. On arrival, don't forget to put your watches forward 1 hour once you arrive in Calais.

Journey to Bruges

Q: How long is the journey to Bruges once we get off the ferry?

A: Approximately 90 minutes

Q: Can I leave non valuables on the coach when I'm in Bruges?

A; Yes, you can leave non valuables on your seat at your own risk.

Q: Are we on the same coach coming back

A: Yes, you're on the same coach and the same seats

Arriving in Bruges

Q: Where do we get dropped off in Bruges?

A: During the Christmas Markets, all coaches must drop everyone off at and depart from the 'Busparking - Bargeweg' This is about a 15/20 minute walk to the Christmas Markets. There is a bus service near the coach Park to the markets. Directions to the Markets can be viewed by following this link: Bargeweg to Market Square. For the more technically minded, drop a pin on your phone.

Leaving Bruges

It's so important we depart from Bruges on time, we have a ferry to catch and we can never be sure how long it's going to take to get through French Customs in Calais. If in any doubt, allow more time, we really can't wait for you. A taxi back to Calais is approximately 250/300 Euros

Returning Home Through Customs

Travelling through French and UK Customs has changed dramatically this year. Brexit has now kicked in. There's no longer Duty paid goods where you could bring through as much booze and tobacco as you want. It's now back to Duty Free goods which can only be purchased on the ferry. Please remember. This isn't a booze cruise, it's a trip to Bruges Christmas Markets. All purchases must be kept inside the coach until we pass through UK Customs at Dover. 

For the sake of all our customers, if you're detained for an interview by UK Customs, this would delay the coach at least an hour. It's simply not fair on everyone else to wait for you, plus we have driver tachograph laws to consider. 

Q: What time will we get back?

A: This is the Golden question. So much can depend on ferries and how long it takes to get through UK & French Border Force? We're usually back in Dover around 22.30 local time.

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