Champions League Final Paris


The perfect storm!

This weekend ferry crossings are a nightmare. This bank holiday weekend is always the busiest of the year at Dover, this is even without the Champions League Final. To make matters even worse, the largest ferry operator (PO Ferries) are operating at a greatly restricted capacity and are not taking any coach bookings. This just leaves DFDS Ferries & the much smaller Irish Ferries (who are now sailing from Dover to Calais) DFDS normally only allow a maximum of 2 coaches per sailing, however they're making a special allowance for us and upping it to 4 coaches per sailing.


Over the weekend we've had urgent messages from DFDS & Irish Ferries warning us that Dover Port will be busier than normal and to get to Dover earlier than previously planned!


Under normal circumstances missing a ferry crossing wouldn't be a major problem, it would just mean waiting a few hours before getting on the next ferry, however this weekend with all ferries bursting at the seems, we're concerned when the next available ferry will be? This weekend we have coaches booked at different sailing times. Depending on which ferry your coach is booked on, we may be contacting you via email & text message to advise you of an amended earlier departure time! Some coaches will depart at the same advertised time, other may depart 2 hours earlier.


Coach Innovations priority is to get everyone to Paris in good time. We really appreciate your cooperation and ask you to understand, the ferry chaos this weekend is not normal and not of our making, we've just got to make the best of the hand we've been dealt. We're all in this together and depending on your help and understanding. Please be at your departure point in plenty of time as we cannot wait for anybody.








Q: What do I need when to do when boarding my coach?

A: All seats are pre-allocated so there's no need to rush, you'll be sat in the same seats if you're the first or last to board. Give the driver he lead name (ie: Jones x 3) and you'll be given your allocated seat numbers. Please make sure everybody has their passports open on the right page for the courier to view. All passport names must match the relevant booking ID number and ferry manifest


Q: What if I can't make my amended departure time?

A: We'll try and get you on a later coach, however if you're travelling with anybody else, you won't be sat together.

Q: What if I'm late for my coach?

A: Under the unprecedented circumstances, coaches will leave on time and cannot wait. The only thing we can advise is, you drive or catch a train to Dover.

Q: What time will we get back to Liverpool?

A: Right from the start our website has warned you that on our return journey on Sunday Calais and Dunkirk will be chaotic and we can't guarantee what time you're sailing or what time you'll arrive back in Liverpool. All we can ask is to be patient and understand we'll e doing everything possible to get you home as quickly as possible.

Q: When will I receive my allocated coach number?

A: You'll receive your coach number by text massage. Your allocated seat numbers will be allocated as you board your coach.


Q: Do I need a passport?

A: Yes, you must hold a valid 10 year passport with at least 3 months remaining on it on the day of travel

Q: What are the vaccine regulations when entering France?

A: Everybody is personally responsible ensuring they have the correct Border Force documents. Please see this UK Government Foreign Office link: Entering France Proof of Vaccination or a negative test result must be uploaded to an app on your phone or an official approved certificate. 

Vaccinated: As we understand the law. If you've received your 2nd Jab within 9 months from date of travel, you're considered vaccinated. If you've had your 3rd jab (Booster Jab) you're considered vaccinated.

Unvaccinated: You must take a clinical PCR Test within 72 hours before travelling or a Antigen test (Lateral flow test) 48 before departure. The French Border Force are based in Dover, this is where you'll have your vaccination App/Printed certificate scanned. Nothing is needed when returning back to the UK. Proof of vaccination or your negative test result must be on a NHS App or a similar approved app or an official printed Certificate to Travel. While Coach Innovations don't give advise on Border Force issues, we can say many of our customers seem to recommend Randox for the simplest and fastest Covid tests. (Make sure you click (TEST TO TRAVEL)

Q: My Vaccine testing company is asking for the coach registration number?

A: Some companies have been asking for this for the past 12 Months. We don't know why? We don't even know what your coach registration number is yet! What if the coach has a technical issue a day or so before travel? We're confident in saying, as long as your scan code is in order, it will all be fine. In the meantime you can insert: YJ16 EKW

Q: Will I be able to blag the vaccine test at the border?

A: Sorry, not a chance. At Dover you'll need to get off the coach and walk through passport control (Like an airport) Firstly you'll have your passport scanned, then a few metres further you'll have your vaccine App/Certificate scanned. If the scanner doesn't bleep, you're going no further The French Border Force do not negotiate. In this event it is your responsibly to arrange your own travel back home.

Q: Can I have a refund if I test positive for Covid?

A: Unfortunately no, this would be no fault of Coach Innovations. Check with your travel insurance company?

Q: Can I contact you for Covid App/Vaccine advise?

A: Sorry we can't help you. We only get our information from the UK Foreign Office website: If you have any concerns try asking somebody that may have a better understanding? 

Q: Is travel insurance compulsory?

A: Yes, this was made clear at the time of booking! Please read this link Travel Insurance 


Q: Can I cancel and have a refund or make a name change?

A: No, again this was made clear in big red capital writing at the time of booking. This is why it's so important to take out travel insurance now, and not wait until nearer your travel date.

Q: Do I need travel Insurance?

A: Yes, travel insurance is compulsory for many reasons. One of which you may be refused entry into France. Please click on this link: Travel Insurance

​Q: Can I leave my bag on the coach in Paris?

A: Yes, you'll be on the same coach & in the same seats for your return journey

Q: Are the coach seats on a first come first serve basis?

A: No, all seats are pre-allocated. Your driver/Steward will give you your allocated seats numbers as you board. There's no need to rush to your coach, you'll be in the same seats if you're the first or last to board. Everybody must stay in their allocated seats throughout the journey.

Q: Why do you take people of coaches for banging on the windows? It's only a bit of fun, we don't break them!

A: Coach windows are double glazed. Banging the windows breaks the seals between the glass. As soon as the Autumn/winter damp air comes, the windows mist up between the glass and have to be replaced at an average cost of £1,200 per window. Try banging your own windows at home and you'll see what we mean.

Q: Where will coaches drop us off in Paris and pick us back up after the game?

A: This is still to be confirmed by Liverpool Police & UEFA. Hopefully we'll have confirmation soon.

Q: Where is the Fanzone?

A: While we understand it's in the East of Paris with good transport links, we cannot give anymore information until we have written confirmation from LFC Police or UEFA (We communicate with both parties daily)

Warning! UEFA has told us that anyone near the stadium without a match a match ticket will be advised to got o the Fanzone in Paris or sent to a screening in the local area of Saint-Denis. The local area of Saint Denis isn't the best area to go. This screening is described in Anglo French newspapers as 'Mainly for local residents 'We strongly advise our customers no to go to this screening!

Q: Do coaches have charging points?

A: Sorry no, maybe consider buying a charging pack (there not expensive)

Q: Is there WIFI aboard our coach?

A: Sorry no. Coach WIFI is just so unreliable and results in everybody complaining. For this reason many coach companies have stopped installing the very expensive WIFI systems

Q: Can I bring alcohol on the coach?

A: Unfortunately not this time. Everybody that's travelled with us previously to Basel, Kiev or Madrid will know that we understand it's your big weekend and we've always been on your side and been lenient regards having a few cans. On this occasion our priority is to make sure you catch your ferry and arrive in Paris in good time without stopping to drop toilets and recharge with fresh water (Coach toilets only have a limited capacity) Once we're on the ferry, we can all relax and look forward to big day ahead.

Q: How many stops will we have between Liverpool and Dover.?
A: Just two15 minute stops for a leg stretch and a cigarette. 

Q: Can I bring food on the coach?

A: Yes, you won't have anytime at Motorway services to buy food. However please be respectful to your coach drivers and take all rubbish off the coach at every opportunity. 

Q: Are there stewards aboard coaches?

A: On some coaches we have experienced stewards who work at Anfield & Goodison Park. These stewards are on your side, there not there to wave a big stick, they're there to help make the weekend enjoyable for everybody. Please be respectful. Our stewards will also be visible at your departure points in Liverpool and also in Paris to assist you. 

Q: What time will we get back to Liverpool?

A: We did warn everyone from the start that the channel ports are likely to be chaotic on the Sunday returning home. We can't make any guarantees what time you'll get home. All we can ask is for everyone to be patient and understand we're doing everything possible yo get you home as quickly as possible.

Q: How much luggage can I bring in the 'Book your own Hotel' (Option4)?

A; A normal sports/overnight bag should be fine

Q: Where will the Fanzone coaches (Option 2) be dropped off and picked up from?

A: All coaches will be dropping off and departing from Porte de Vincennes 

We'll be publishing more answers to questions as we go along. Please keep checking this webpage.


It is your responsibility to ensure everyone on your booking has travel insurance

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