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Sail Away to the Isle of Wight

Just for the Day


We're Sailing Away to the Isle of Wight

Please check your correct departure time and Pick-up Point
Research your departure point well in advance as we can't help you on the day

Just a little more info to help you make the most of your day on the Isle of Wight

The Needles Attraction Centre: We're here for approximately 2 hours. This is a World Heritage Site and almost certainly one of the most famous landmarks in the world. The centre has a few places to sit and have a hot drink and something to eat. It has a small funfair suitable for young children, 3D Cinema etc.

The glass shop next to the coach park does glass blowing exhibitions. You see how glasses are made. Just £2.00 entrance fee.

Viewing the Needles: You can purchase one way or return tickets for the chair lifts which take you down the cliff face, or if you're feeling fit you can walk down to the beach. I believe the Chairlift tickets are quite expensive however it is an amazing experience.

Depending on weather conditions you can take a boat tour from the beach around the needles. No need to pre-book.

The Needles Old & New Battery: Just outside the Needles Attraction Centre you can catch an open top bus will will take you on a fantastic bus ride up the cliff face to the top of the headland overlooking the Needles. Here you can visit the Old Battery (A Victorian Defence Post) and the New Battery which is the old missile testing site.  Prices are £3.00 single £5.00 return. Busses run every 30 minutes. I'm not sure of the times but I believe the first bus departs at 10.29. Just ask any of the bus driver (They're very helpful)

Shanklin: We're here for approximately 2 hours. There are two parts to Shanklin, the oldy worldy part at the top of the hill with it's thatched cottages, quant shops & restaurants and then Shanklin promenade with its sandy beach, crazy golf, bars, cafe's etc. You can commute from the promenade to the top of the cliff via the cliffside lift. 

With the sea to your left hand side, keep walking to the end of the promenade and you'll come to the entrance to the Shanklin Chine. To be honest the Chine is best explained by visiting this link 

Ryde: August Departures Only. We take a 35/45 minute break at Ryde which has a long seafront, a chance to maybe grab a bag of chips or a drink. The best attraction is standing just 20/30 metres away from the Hovercrafts as they come and go from the Island to the mainland. (Put your ear muffs on!) The Isle of Wight hovercrafts are the last remaining commercial service in the world. (Summer programme only)

Finally we take the short drive from Shanklin to Fishbourne where we catch our ferry back to the mainland via Portsmouth historic port. 

Finally have a great day on the Isle of Wight.

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