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At 15.35 on December 3rd, It's been announced by the French Government that everyone over the age of 12 years old entering France will now need to have taken a Lateral Flow Test (or Antigen test) within 48 hours of entering France!   https://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/travelling-with-us/latest/covid-19/

A the time of sending this mailshot it isn't even on the UK Government website. However this information has just been confirmed by PO Ferries & on the Eurotunnel website (We check the Eurotunnel website as they always seem to be the first to have updates)

We're sorry for this late update and find it astonishing that any Government would give people less than 9 hours notice before coming in to effect.

Please understand this once again this is something beyond our control. 





Everyone will be required to prove that you've been fully vaccinated by an NHS PASS at least 14 days before departure & Have at least

3 months remaining on your passport

While Coach Innovations will do our best to keep you informed on any updates, ultimately it's your responsibility to make sure you have the correct vaccine requirements & documentation in place to produce to Border Force agents. All travel is subject to EU & UK Government restrictions at time of travel


All passengers must now take a pre-book a PCR before traveling. Test must be taken within 48 hours of arriving back in the UK

To comply with new French rules. Children between the ages of 12-17 must now also take a lateral flow test 24 hours before travelling

As from 04.00 on November 30th all passengers entering the UK will need to pre-book a PCR test which must be taken within 48 hours of returning to the UK

This applies to everybody whether fully vaccinated or not. You will need to self isolate until you receive a negative result (usually 48 hours)

We've now uploaded step by step videos on how to complete your 3 passenger locator forms. Hope this should make it easy

The date you arrive/depart every country is the same date as you're travelling from the UK, as it's only a day trip.

New updated UK & EU Government legislation can be introduced at any time.

While Coach Innovations will do our best to keep you informed as we understand it.



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Flag of Belgium - The colors were taken from the coat of arms of the Duchy of Brabant, and
Video Templates Passenger Locator Forms



We have remind you it's the passport holders ultimate responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation for any Border Force issues.

We advise you to regularly check for updates

Returning to the UK   Traveling to France   Travelling to Belgium

Bruges Christmas Markets: We have a checklist of all the things you need to complete before travelling. Don't be alarmed as it's a lot easier than it seems. The British, French & Belgium Passenger locator forms can only be completed 48 hours before departure. We've uploaded step by step videos to make this process easier, Please keep checking this webpage on a regular basis.

Children aged 17 years and under: Take on the same Vaccine status of the parent there travelling with. (they don't need to be vaccinated)

We'll update this page giving more relevant information on a daily basis. Please keep Checking this webpage.

Randox Click & Collect

We've just been informed of a company called Randox who offer a 'Click & Collect' service from Newsagents, petrol stations etc, all over the country. You book online, You collect your kit, Load the app and should get your result within approximately 3 hours.

While this information comes from a reliable source, we can't be responsible for your Border Force documentations