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Covid-19 & Coach Travel Today

Why is coach travel more expensive?

The coach industry is recovering from a 2 year lockdown which has seen hundreds of companies of all sizes go to the wall.

During the past 2 years the industry hasn't received a penny in government funding and is now paying the price.

Those companies like ours who have managed to stay afloat now have various other problems listed below

1: Since covid there is an acute shortage of coach & bus drivers. Thousands have gone back to eastern Europe and not returned, thousands more jumped ship and are now driving trucks and many more have found other work and decided there's a better life out there, and like finishing work at 5pm every day and having the weekend off. The the coach/bus driver shortage is at least twice as bad as the truck driver shortage, but of course the scaremongering of empty supermarket shelves makes better headlines!

2: Hundreds of coach companies didn't survive a 2 year lockdown, those that did survive now have massive debts and face the problem of a severe shortage of drivers. It's fact that most companies now have to turn away work, due to no drivers! Many companies are now having to pay drivers double the wages since before covid

3: Every weekend the countries rail networks have to undertake maintenance work involving line closures. The rail companies by law have to provide hundreds of replacement coaches no matter what the cost! Many coach operators are choosing to do rail replacement every weekend.

This now leaves very few coaches available for events like FA Cup semi finals. With a busy bank holiday weekend and many rail lines closed for 4 days I can confidently predict out of 90,000 travelling to Wembley, there simply isn't enough coaches to transport any where near 10,000

Operators like ourselves are having to source coaches from as far away as South Wales! of course this all comes at a cost. Add on top of this fuel prices going through the roof and Wembley now charging £120 per coach for parking, hopefully you can understand why coach travel is more expensive at the moment?

Finally: If your planning to travel to Wembley from the North West for the Semi Final, you cannot get there by train and I promise you, there isn't enough coaches available in the country to get anywhere near 10,000 fans to Wembley never mind 90,000! 

Which ever company you chose to travel with, book as early as possible!