Travel Insurance is not only compulsory but essential for your own benefit!


At the time of booking you ticked a box agreeing to our booking terms and conditions before being allowed to continue. In these booking terms we made it clear that travel insurance was compulsory for yourself and every person included in your booking. We also made it clear in red bold writing at the time of booking that travel insurance was compulsory. While we don't have the time to check every persons insurance it's still apart of our booking conditions.

Please understand Coach Innovations do not sell travel insurance, we make no fanatical gain from your travel insurance. We insist on it for two reasons, firstly it's a legal requirement and most importantly it protects you and everyone on your booking from financial loss.

There are no circumstances' whatsoever where Coach Innovations can offer any refunds. This is why comprehensive travel insurance is essential. Here are just a few examples why it's so important for you to take out travel insurance at the same time as booking and not to wait until just before your date of Travel.


1)  This is the most obvious one. If you should be taken ill or suffer an injury while you're away your medical costs could run into £10,000s

2)  There are no circumstances where Coach Innovations will issue refunds. as stated in bold red writing at the time of booking.

3)  You could be taken ill or suffer an accident before your travel date

3)  You could have a family member taken ill or heaven forbid even a death in the family before you travel

4)  You could test positive for Covid or any other contagious disease before you travel

5)  You could lose your money or valuable items

6) If you go to the Foreign Office webpage for entering France. It will state that French Border Force officials may check you've got compulsory travel insurance? Don't risk being stranded in Dover by saving just a few pounds by not taking out travel insurance!

These are only a few examples why Travel Insurance is compulsory for your own benefit.

It is your responsibility to ensure everyone on your booking has travel insurance